Corporate Social Responsibility

The Elephant Lake Group is actively involved with the upliftment of the local economy, job creation, alleviation of poverty and the general well being and social development of the surrounding communities.

The General Manager, Mr Deon Steyn, represent the group on various levels and organizations that include the St Lucia / Dukuduku Business Forum, The Greater Dukuduku Development Forum, the AHI - Zululand and the Umkhanyakude Chamber of Commerce.

The Group has identified a project within the surrounding rural area on which they would focus. This project is the Glen-Park Primary School. Following a invitation by the principal, Mr K Sibisi, the group visited the school and was horrified with the appalling state of the school in general.

A action plan was put in place and the upliftment of the school has started and is well on the way.

First on the list was the Principal office. The office was restored and a separate store room was built.

Secondly, was the kitchen. Over 320 pupils are schooled at Glen Park and the Kitchen facilities used to consist of rusted and torn corrogated iron and a open fire. A separate ventilated kitchen was created and a gas burner stove is now in use.

Classrooms were falling apart and at the end of 2010 the group restored two classrooms to accommodate new and more pupils.

During a recent Inter Department sports tournament, the Elephant Lake Group sponsored new soccer and netball attire to the Umkhanyuke District. This was celebrated under the hot Zululand sun by the talented teams.

A meeting will be held with the principal during February 2011 to prioritise the next step in the project.